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Corporate Cohorts

Turn-Key Corporate Cohorts

Empower your talent with a private mentoring cohort. Choose your own mentors and mentees, and leverage KALA’s structured framework and resources to accelerate development within your organization.

Corporate Cohort Core Features

Assistance with Mentee and Mentor Selection Criteria

Expert Matching of Mentors and Mentees 

Personalized Assessments and Feedback

Mentee Onboarding & Mentor Certification

Mentee and Mentor 
Peer Groups

KALA Mentoring Framework

Customizable Program Features

Comprehensive Resources

Harness the Power of Mentorship for Your Organization



Connect to confirm a KALA Mentoring Program meets the needs of your organization.




Add or adjust program components to meet the unique needs of your mentors, mentees, and organization.



Identify six or more mentees in cross-functional or similar roles. Select one mentor for each mentee in the program.  



KALA's utilizes a strategic algorithm for expert matching of mentors and mentees. KALA provides mentee orientation and mentor certification.



Mentees begin connecting 1:1 with their mentors and peer circle. Participants gain immediate access to KALA's resources library. 

Program Outcomes

  • Increased Employee Retention

  • Greater Engagement

  • Culture of Inclusion

  • Improved Skills & Capabilities

  • Leadership Confidence

  • Increased effectiveness

  • Clarity and Direction

  • Personal and Professional Growth

A mentor and a mentee


KALA's unique structure pairs mentees with a dedicated certified mentor

and a supportive mentee peer group

Human Connection:

Share experiences, ask questions, and gain valuable feedback and perspectives

in a growth-driven community.

Industry Specific:

Connect with mentors and like-minded peers facing similar challenges and

opportunities. A confidential space for open discussions, brainstorming, and



Robust Resources:

Comprehensive resources and frameworks to support professional

development and effective mentoring.


Unlimited Potential:

Break free from perceived limitations. Learn from mistakes, adapt,

grow, and reach for the stars in pursuit of your full professional


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