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KALA Mentoring’s INAUGURAL mentorship program LAUNCH kicks off June 2024.

Become a Mentor

Work Meeting



Connect with us to confirm the program is a good fit. Share your motivations for becoming a mentor. Clarify any questions. 

(30 minutes)


Create a Profile

Create a mentor profile and complete a personalized DiSC assessment utilized for our matching process.

(30 minutes)



Complete mentor certification training and program orientation. Mentors receive a digital badge. All training is virtual.

(4 hours)


(8 hours)

Mentors commit to 8 hours of one-on-one time with their mentee over the course of one year. Mentors and mentees can establish a meeting cadence and schedule that works best for them.


Mentor Certification 

All mentors serving in a KALA Mentoring program complete mentor certification prior to engaging with their mentee. 

Mentor certification consists of four modules. All training is virtual and takes place over two sessions; the total time commitment is four hours. 


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