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Propel Pathways Programs

Soar Mentoring’s INAUGURAL PROPEL mentorship program kicks off July 2024.

Mentee Participant Core Benefits

Expert Matching with
Certified Mentor 
Mentee Peer Group

Networking Events & Expert Engagements

Personalized Assessments and Feedback

Professional Development Challenges 

Comprehensive Resources

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The Problems We Solve:

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An overwhelming amount of on-demand educational content specific to your role, but lack of human connection to bridge the knowledge-to-action gap and make learning truly impactful. 


Absence of structured mentorship or development programs for specialized roles. Lack of robust training and support for individuals new to role.  


Career stagnation and no clear path to your desired position.


Vulnerability due to potential downsizing or corporate restructuring.


Feeling lost in the constant need for new skills to stay relevant.

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Industry-Specific Pathways Academy







Dual-Mentorship Program for

specialized biotech/pharmaceutical industry roles

Dual-mentorship is KALA's unique structure that pairs mentees with a

dedicated certified mentor and a supportive mentee peer group.

Dual-mentorship fosters an environment of knowledge sharing and skill development while expanding professional networks.

Dual-mentorship program for  


Specialized Roles

Ideal Candidates:

  • Biotech/pharmaceutical professionals new to role

(12 months or less in current role)

  • Individuals with aspirations for career growth.

  • Established professionals striving for growth in their current role.

Program Outcomes

  • Career Agility

  • Enhanced Skills

  • Improved Capabilities

  • Expanded Professional Network

  • Leadership Confidence

  • Professional Exposure

  • Clarity and Direction

  • Personal and Professional Growth

Your Path to Career Acceleration

Business Meeting

The KALA Difference:

  • Dual-Mentorship: Personalized development through a combination of one-to-one mentoring and peer and expert guidance.

  • Human Connection: Share experiences, ask questions, and gain valuable feedback and perspectives in a growth-driven community.  

  • Role-Specific: Connect with mentors and like-minded peers facing similar challenges and opportunities. A confidential space for open discussions and brainstorming.

  • Limitless Potential: Break free from perceived limitations. Learn from mistakes, adapt, grow, and reach for the stars in pursuit of your full professional potential.



Connect to confirm the program is a good fit. Share your career goals. Clarify any questions. 

(15 minutes)



Create a mentee profile  and a personalized Everything DiSC assessment utilized for strategic 


(45 minutes)



Complete mentee program orientation. Mentees receive a digital badge. All training is virtual.

(2 hours)



Begin connecting with your mentor and peer group.

(8 hours 1:1 mentor)
(8 hours peer group)



Access exclusive resources, workshops, expert engagements, and networking events aligned with your career aspirations.


Click here for more information about our plans and pricing. 

Additional Program Features

Certified Mentors

All mentors undergo a thorough screening process to ensure they're a good fit for the program. Selected mentors complete KALA's Mentor Certification Program to equip them with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively guide mentees. Each mentor completes a DiSC assessment, which helps identify their behavioral style. KALA considers a mentor's DiSC style, experience, strengths, and skills when pairing them with mentees. KALA's strategic matching  algorithm aligns the goals mentees with the mentor's experience, strengths, and personality. This fosters strong mentor-mentee relationships and the individualized support and guidance helps mentees to excel in their chosen career paths.

Monthly Challenges

Monthly professional development challenges encourage participants to step outside their comfort zones and continuously develop both personally and professionally. Challenges can boost growth by pushing participants to learn new skills, experiment with different approaches, and gain valuable experiences. A variety of challenges (like networking, personal branding, and incorporation of AI) allows participants to choose areas they want to focus on. While participation is not mandatory, it is encouraged. 

Monthly professional development challenges are a fun and effective way to nudge participants towards continuous learning and growth.

Special Events

Program participants get access to special events throughout the year. Networking events allow participants to connect with professionals outside their immediate circle, potentially leading to new collaborations, partnerships, or opportunities. Expert engagements provide valuable insights and knowledge from industry leaders. Participants can learn new perspectives, best practices, and gain inspiration.​ These optional events enhance the program by offering learning opportunities that complement participant's goals and interests.

Round-Robin Peer Groups

In addition to one-on-one mentorship, mentees will also participate in a monthly Round-Robin peer group. These regular peer meetings provide an opportunity to connect with other participants, share experiences, and learn from each other's perspectives in small group settings.  Mentees gain personalized guidance from their mentors and collectively learn from peer experiences throughout the program. This blended approach of individual mentorship and round-robin peer groups provides a well-rounded support system that can significantly enhance the professional growth of mentees while meaningfully expanding professional networks. 


A comprehensive resource library contains materials on various subjects to support targeted learning. Resources align with specialized programs. Training resources include topics such as facilitation, gamification and AI. Patient & Market Access resources include negotiation, collaboration, and emotional intelligence. Mentees can find materials directly relevant to their individual development plans. The library contains articles, videos, exercises, and conversation guides, catering to different learning preferences. Mentors can leverage the resource library to guide mentees towards specific materials that can enhance their development plan. Mentees can use the resource library to explore topics to discuss during mentor meetings, or for self-directed learning. 

Time Investment

Programs are 12-months in length with built-in flexibility. Mentees should plan to dedicate approximately 20 hours throughout the course of the year, plus time to complete individual commitments in support of their professional development. An upfront Investment of 4 hours of onboarding ensures participants are well-prepared for the program. Each mentee receives 8 hours of one-on-one time with their mentor. Mentees and mentors can establish a meeting cadence and schedule that works best for them. Finally, 8 one-hour round-robin peer group meetings occur for 8 months of the program. 

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